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I have taught courses in many of the core areas of the discipline. At the undergraduate level, my course offerings include “Classical Sociological Theory,” “Contemporary Sociological Theory,” “Problems of American Racial and Ethnic Minorities,” and “Social Movements.”  At the graduate level, they include “Comparative and Historical Sociology,” “Cultural Sociology,” “Political Sociology,” “Race Theory,” “Democracy and Education,” “Social Network Analysis,” “Civil Society and the Public Sphere,” and “Pragmatism and Social Theory.” I also have taught graduate seminars on "The Sociology of Karl Marx," "The Sociology of the Chicago School," "The Sociology of Erving Goffman," and “The Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu.”  In addition, I have taught the required graduate-level theory courses at the New School for Social Research, Princeton University (one semester as a visiting professor), and the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

 A Sampling of Courses from Recent Years

Sociology 475: Classical Sociological Theory (undergraduate)

Sociology 773: Sociological Theory (graduate)

Sociology 753: Comparative and Historical Sociology (graduate)

Sociology 915: Ethnography and Social Theory (graduate)

Sociology 915: Pragmatism and Social Theory (graduate)

Sociology 915: The Sociology of the Chicago School (graduate)

Sociology 915: The Sociology of Erving Goffman (graduate)

Sociology 915: The Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu (graduate)

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